प्रधान मुख्य आयकर आयुक्त मध्य प्रदेश ,छत्तीसगढ़

Message from Hon’ble Member (A & J)

I am delighted to note that the website of Pr. Chief Commissioner of Income Tax(MP & CG), Bhopal: "incometaxbhopal.in" has been successfully operating since November, 2017. It is indeed a proactive initiative that captures valuable information and several links for high quality tax payer services. This information contained in the website has proved to be a prolific platform in not only projecting the good work of the Income-tax Department but has served as a powerful tool to facilitate better communication between the major stake holders, the esteemed tax payers, professionals and the officers of the Department.

I compliment the Pr. Chief Commissioner of Income Tax (MP & CG), Bhopal and his team for this excellent initiative.


From the desk of the Principal Chief Commissioner of Income Tax


The Income Tax Department is pursuing its vision, mission and all its duties with highest level of sincerity, dedication & motivation. The office of the Pr.CCIT (MP & CG) is committed to provide the best quality tax payer services to our assesses of this region and have accordingly taken several prolific measures in this pursuit. The officers under the jurisdiction of thePr.CCIT (MP & CG) are committed to strive towards greater transparency, accountability, professional competence and accelerated voluntary tax compliance with increased digital administration.

The Commissioning of this web-site is a forward step towards higher connectivity and communication with all the stakeholders including the present and would be tax payers. This web-site places the important activities of the Income Tax Department andrelevant information and web-links for the benefit of the taxpayers.

Our Department is one of the most digitised and system-driven government departments in the country.This has resulted in quicker service-delivery; minimisation of errors and fast dispensation. We are committed to total taxpayer satisfaction by identifying their specific needs / requests / grievances and translating them into quality services. We plan to achieve this goal through our strength – the employees; and seek the continuous involvement of the public in achieving the Department’s objective.

I am happy to state that the charge of MP & CG region, have taken initiative in launching some novel programmes such as “AayakarJanmitrataAbhiyaan”,and “AayakardaataVistarYojana”which has been a big success. Further, my region had also undertaken several ‘Departmental Social Responsibility’ programmes during the Income Tax Day fortnight in 2019.

I sincerely hope that the website “incometaxbhopal.in”shall become a platform for connectivity and sharing of information with all stakeholders including the tax payers and serve as a facilitator for the benefit of all.


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